Sunday 8 July 2012

Open Channels - Open Channels (2012)

We kind of like it when people slip us tapes at shows, but only kind of because then we feel a bit self-conscious and have one of those moments where we're worried that the person giving us the tape used to play in Brass and is going to kick us in the ol' raisins. Thankfully, that didn't happen this time.

However, we're still a bit cautious about posting this, as we're not clear if this is a legit Calgary release. While their Sled Island bio lists them as a Calgary band, it also calls them "Lethbridge's newest powerhouse" (which is pure hyperbole - we've been watching the Lethbridge scene and there's hasn't been much happening there in recent years. Except for Endangered Ape, the Moby Dicks, the Radians, the Ketamines, Stressed Out, Fist City, Myelin Sheaths, the Square Waves... uh.... wait, what were we saying?). Anyways, Open Channels appear to be primarily based in Calgary, so we'll let this slide. We can say, with some degree of certainty, that the band channels (ha! get it? that was a pun! man, we're on a roll today!) the synth pop sensibilities of Jeff King's Square Waves into a slightly more lo-fi direction.

Most of these tracks are available for download from the Open Channels bandcamp.

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