Friday 6 July 2012

Buicks - Thanks Coach (1995)

Here's another tape that Chris found at Recordland. Again, we don't know a thing about this band or this recording. Other than the fact that it was, apparently, recorded during a bunch of midnight sessions at Sundae Sound. We could tell you a story about another band that used one of those painful 8-hour sessions to record a song that was a minute and a half, but we won't.

Partly because you likely don't care, but mostly because we're feeling lazy.


Anonymous said...

I played a show with these guys way back. Two of the band members were the sons of Preston Manning. They sounded like U2's worst songs at times.

Anonymous said...

I think Jordan Stuffco lives in Toronto now. Edmonton band. My band (the James T Kirks) played with them a few times in the late 90's. I distinctly remember being a teenage volunteer/dj at CJSR and someone telling me it was surf music. Despite the sandals in their band photo, I popped it in the cassette player, expecting to hear something along the lines of Huevos or Shadowy Men. They were not a surf band. Nope.