Wednesday 4 July 2012

Bug Wicked - Bug Wicked (1997)

During Sled Island, our favourite (somewhat nutty) Edmontonian, Chris Zuk, somehow got lost in Inglewood and ended up in the tape section of Recordland (which, oddly, happens to us as well on an increasingly infrequent basis). He emerged victorious with a handful of tapes and not a trace of hantavirus.

The problem is, the tapes that are left squirreled away on the shelves of Recordland are pretty obscure. Who is this band? What is that bug on the cover doing? Should we care?

We don't know. Does anyone?

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Unknown said...

Wow...obscure tape! I remember Bug Wicked--Scott Belton the bass player ended up being my roommate for a couple years after they did this tape!
Steve Moschenross (sp??) was the singer. These were good ol' Cochrane boys...I think they went on to play in other bands, but for the life of me I can't remember which!