Saturday, 16 June 2012

S.P. Cerra - Sit Tease/Essence 7"

We're rousing ourselves out of our mandatory pre-Sled Island nap to get back to some posts. It's been quiet here at the CCPS - we've managed to return most of the tapes that we've recently borrowed, so we're going to turn to our vinyl collection for a few oddities.

And what better place than this? There's no year on this record, and we're not 100% sure, but we've mostly convinced ourselves that this is a pre-Funeral Factory project - not just because of Mary-Lynn White's presence, but also because of the vocals. Greg Kushner sent us this record a couple of years ago without any explanation.

So, of course, we make up our own.


Greg Kushner said...

Howdy Gene and everyone else at CCPS! Greg Kucheran is, in fact, the Funeral Factory's Religion Darc so you are spot on that this was a pre-FF project for Calgree's beloved goth duo. The story Mary Lynn told me was that "Melybra" was a rather enigmatic cab driver she had met who came across as a bit Mansonesque (Charlie, that is - not Marilyn) and she and Greg were under his spell for a bit and spearheaded these recordings. Mary Lynn's piano is amazing on these recordings.

Mary-Lynn said...

Recorded this with Greg Kucheran at Sundae Sound in July 1985 one evening after I came home from working on the pipeline on Moose Mountain. Same year our band The Addiction played Greg Kushner's radio show for one of the first Live Drives for CJSW. We played the first and the second one on his show. I remember Greg Kucheran (we called each other Dar) telling me about a spat he and Sebastian (S.P.) had over a red brooch Dar was wearing. They had a big fight on the way to the studio to complete the production and Dar ended up getting dropped off and not going in for the final mix because he refused to take off the brooch. He and I met Sebastian (S.P.) when Sebastian was working as a bartender at My Marvin's on 12 Avenue back in the early 80s - it was one of the only places in the city we could watch MTV in those days when videos were just getting started. Sebastion hired us to play on his songs. Somewhere around here I have a book of poems he put out - we were writing more music for him but it never got rolling. Sebastian never drove cab - I did for about four years, and so did my late husband Rod (The Addiction's main vocalist) for many years, but Sebastian was a bartender. This was the first time Greg and I were in a studio. I remember Rob Bartlett doing sound for The Addiction out in Strathmore later that year for a three nighter at the Wheatland Inn - we met Rob on this project. MLW