Saturday, 16 June 2012

S.P. Cerra - Sit Tease/Essence 7"

We're rousing ourselves out of our mandatory pre-Sled Island nap to get back to some posts. It's been quiet here at the CCPS - we've managed to return most of the tapes that we've recently borrowed, so we're going to turn to our vinyl collection for a few oddities.

And what better place than this? There's no year on this record, and we're not 100% sure, but we've mostly convinced ourselves that this is a pre-Funeral Factory project - not just because of Mary-Lynn White's presence, but also because of the vocals. Greg Kushner sent us this record a couple of years ago without any explanation.

So, of course, we make up our own.

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Greg Kushner said...

Howdy Gene and everyone else at CCPS! Greg Kucheran is, in fact, the Funeral Factory's Religion Darc so you are spot on that this was a pre-FF project for Calgree's beloved goth duo. The story Mary Lynn told me was that "Melybra" was a rather enigmatic cab driver she had met who came across as a bit Mansonesque (Charlie, that is - not Marilyn) and she and Greg were under his spell for a bit and spearheaded these recordings. Mary Lynn's piano is amazing on these recordings.