Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lab Coast - Editioned Houses (2012)

Phew! Back to Calgary, just in time for POST #500!!! WOOHOO!!! In your face, other blogs!

Okay, now that we have that out of our system, we want to celebrate one of our current local faces, the low-fi pop masters that are Lab Coast. We truly appreciate Chris Dadge's commitment to the cassette format, one that he's continued with the help of Iowa's Night-People Records. This pinkalicious tape is what Dadge and Laing excel at - understated pop masterpieces in the vein of Sebadoh. Hmm. We're now picturing Laing as Lou Barlow. And somehow it's working.

Anyways, side two of this tape is a bit of a surprise - an experimental, 12-minute track that's more in keeping with Dadge's Bug Incision projects. And, yes, we know we have failed to catalog Dadge's prolific cassette output on here - but that's a rabbit hole that we know we'll never get out of if we start down it. We'll be at post #600 and just have scratched the surface of his recorded output.

You can get this tape at Hot Wax or (presumably) Night-People.

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