Tuesday 5 June 2012

CCPS Miscellany: Punched Unconscious - How to Know Your Blows (1995)

Sorry it's been so quiet here at the CCPS. We got distracted from our romp through Edmonton tapes by the release of the full schedule for Sled Island - we've been planning our steps carefully, and working on our alcohol tolerance. But don't worry! We're back with another Edmonton tape, one that comes via our favourite mad taper, Chris Zuk.

Chris didn't tell us anything about Punched Unconscious, and all the Edmonton Band List has to offer is a simple "?" There is a Facebook page for these guys, but all you really need to know is... well, we're not sure.

Dirty rock and roll from... uh, Dirt City.

1 comment:

Rob Wright said...

Johnny Rainbow is probably still sitting in his basement in St. Albert. TC Shaw is sadly deceased as of a few years ago.