Saturday 9 June 2012

CCPS Miscellany: Pal Joey - Last Chance for Food and Drink (1994)

Okay, one last Edmonton tape, and then back to Calgary. We're going to go with something we actually can pretend we know something about. Kind of.

Pal Joey were a super-talented bunch of folks; their CD, Tennessee Angels, is one of the few Edmonton CDs in the CCPS archives (along with the Slow Fresh Oil and Twin Fangs discs). And we're always happy to have another tape in the collection - so thanks to Natalie from Depeche Ode for passing us this tape. More of the great roots rock we expect from the band on here.

Actually, this post officially makes Pal Joey the Edmonton band with the most coverage on the CCPS. Go figure.


Trent said...

Sure we were an Edmonton band, but I payed most of my rock dues in Calgary, thanks for putting this up.
- Trent

Anonymous said...

Edmonton band with strong Calgary connections for sure.