Monday 21 May 2012

New 1-2 - ICOE Pre-Production (1999)

Our Wagbeard/Primrods long weekend continues! A while back, Craig Evans passed us a box full of tapes and things (including a plethora of Night Gallery gig posters, which are up on our Facebook page). One of the tapes was this one, a series of early mixes of the New 1-2's second CD.

As Craig pointed out to us, the New 1-2 was a different band by this time. They had lost their original bass player and drummer, and shifted their sound from the angular math-rock to a more visceral garage rock. There are a lot of hints of future direction Coutts took with the very excellent Twin Fangs on here.

As a bonus, we also found this in the box from Craig:

It still doesn't answer some key questions (most significantly: what the hell?), but it certainly is a cool thing to have in the CCPS archive.

As is this tape, of course.


Unknown said...

Those are the lyrics to The Summer Knife from our first record Infully Visable.

Unknown said...

also, this demo features the original line up. of me, paul, toby and neil (who now plays in the soft option).

the 3 piece economy garage version of the band with chris faulkner can be heard on the catch and release isle of spite cd. recorded live in our rehearsal space above the ship and anchor by mike paton on a tascam 8 track cassette recorder.