Sunday 13 May 2012

Kids - The Kids (1983)

So, we managed to get out to the the Calgary Records Collector's Show last weekend - and, more importantly, we managed to leave without having to re-mortgage our house. We managed to grab a few things for the CCPS archives which we didn't have physical copies of and... this.

We'd like to thank the individual who pointed this out to us. He had been told three things about the record: first, it's not the Belgian band of the same name. Second, it's rare. Third, it's not very good. Which explains why an allegedly rare record was going for such a reasonable price. So reasonable, that we couldn't pass up a chance to grab this.

In many ways, we weren't disappointed by our purchase. This isn't a great record - in fact, it was sounding really good until we realized our turntable was set at 45 instead of 33. But, look at the band picture on the inside! 

Wow, totally worth the price.

Anyways, the Museum of Canadian Music tells us that keyboardist Derek Bullen is still active. But that's all we know.

But don't let that stop you from grabbing the download.


Aubadicus said...

Bought this yesterday at the Inner Sleeve sale!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

This is my dad's old band, he is the bass player, Bobbie. What more do you expect from an 80's glam power pop band? He now plays bass in a cover band in Calgary called Krank'd. Good find in my opinion, of course I am biased, but this record is selling for $75 in Japan!

Unknown said...

I have this album if anyone is interested

Brian C said...

Absolutely great power pop album, no idea why they don't show up in the various top 100 lists (and I can't believe the negative remarks in the post). This is up there with anything the Shoes, Raspberries, 20/20, or The Records put out.

Anonymous said...

Would u ship to edm