Sunday, 20 May 2012

Earthquake Pills - Earthquake Pills (1997)

Well, since we're enjoying the Primrods/Wagbeard split 10" so much right now, how about this tape? This came to us via Joe McCaffery, and our pal Steve Elaschuk tells us that this was basically a promo done of a few tracks from the Earthquake Pills' first CD, the oddly-titled Audiodidactaphone. 

This gives a good reason to link to this ancient F-Word article, which includes (a) a "joke" comparing Chris Temple to Bronski Beat's lead singer, (b) a mention of a record rep (remember those strange beasts? The one in this article was clearly off his meds) and (c) Mark Igglesden's pseudonym du jour. 

This one's an easy pill to swallow.

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