Thursday 31 May 2012

CCPS Miscellany: Cadillac of Worms - Let's Eat (1988)

Continuing on our ramble through Edmonton tapes, we have this delightful little cassette. We're somewhat fond of this as, sound-wise, there's a lot in common with Color Me Psycho and the Choads. These guys use the same garage rock formula that worked for our Calgarians, and in doing so have won us over.

Someone on the Youtubes posted a bunch of songs from this tape, complete with scrolling lyrics:

Let's eat!


Dudley Morris said...

Hey, Cadillac of Worms! I remember picking this up at the Record Store way back in the day, after reading a positive review in I think VOX. Pretty cool stuff, and I still have the tape somewhere along with some stuff by Colour Me Psycho and Ninth Configuration...

Anonymous said...