Thursday, 26 April 2012

Various - The Trans-Canada Beaver Cookoff (2002)

This is the last Catch and Release compilation in our pile (we think we're missing one, though... maybe more?). While there are only two Calgary bands on here, they're two of our faves - not only does Tom Bagley offer up cover art for this, but Forbidden Dimension offers up three drum machine-driven tracks (including the otherwise-unreleased "Wing Bat Wu"). And the Rambling Ambassadors kick things off in style.

Weird, we just told the story of this CD is reverse.

Which means we should probably, now that we're winding down the Catch and Release posts, tell a bit more of that story. We remembered that Cam Hayden was a key part of the recording collective, but somehow forgot that Ian Russell was as well, before he started Flemish Eye. There's a great interview with both Cam and Ian at Exclaim, which gives some insight into why they did what they did.

Unlike us at the CCPS, who have no idea why we do what we do.

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