Friday 27 April 2012

Various - Thrash Concert Tonight (1996)


We're sometimes a bit sad that Melodiya is just a record store now, rather than also the record label they once were. But then, we also wish the Night Gallery wasn't a high-end fashion store now. 

So, we'll content ourselves with this compilation from their heady label days. Sure, there's some non-Calgary bands on here, but there's a tip to the old Black Lounge on the back cover. And some of our favourite bands on the inside. Not only do we get more Primrods (more! more! more - wait, do we need another version of "Barbet Lad" in our library? Hell, yes!), but we also get first-phase New 1-2, Knucklhead, Jigsaw... and Straight.

Have we ever told you how much we loved Straight? Especially when Joe McCafferty provides a new take on the Quitters' "Beautiful People."

Grab this compilation here.

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