Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Various - On Guard for Thee (1996)

We enjoyed yesterday's compilation CD so much, we going to keep on that theme for a bit. Today, we're bringing you a CD on Australia's Au-Go-Go Records. 

As with yesterday's compilation, this isn't limited to purely Calgarian bands, but there are a significant number on here. The Von Zippers kick it off with "Mega Volt," and Huevos Rancheros, Forbidden Dimension, Chixdiggit, Pussy Monster and the Parkades all make contributions as well. 

Probably the most notable contribution is former Brave New Waves DJ David Wisdom, who chips in with liner notes for this compilation. We're not sure why the Australian label felt compelled to do a compilation of Canadian bands, or how so many Calgarians ended up on it.

But we have no complaints that they did.


Glen Mullaly said...

If I remember correctly Jack Tielman, Lance Rock Records head honcho, Vancouver Island record store owner and founding CFUV college radio music director was very close to the Australian punk / rock scene folks and had something to do with this. He got us (The Stupes) on the release as we were on his label.

Johnny Dumptruck said...

Can confirm Jack's involvement. The first and last time I hung out at Jack's house I left with an armful of gift records from his basement collection, all of which he said were LRR projects or he had helped create. In that pile was a copy of On Guard for Thee.