Friday 13 April 2012

Mud Commandos - CJSW Interview (1989)

We've got another treasure from Mark Igglesden's basement, so brace yourselves. This is a radio interview (which Igglesden wasn't present for, sadly (?)) with Wes Hegg. As we'd expect, there's a significant amount of misinformation in the interview (which you'd think we'd like, since that's our usual schtick - we're kind of sensitive to others treading on our turf, though, so we're not impressed by the hijinx on here). Wes tries to reign things in, trying to get the band members to admit to having played with Steaming Mad at Dirt and A Passion Of. They don't bite, but offer the nugget, "We're friends to mud, we don't sling it".

They also sling some mean garage rock. In between the interview-y bits, Wes plays two tracks as recorded by Brent Cooper and the band offers one acoustic number. It's a great showcase for Michael Paton's guitar work, which we at the CCPS are mighty big fans of.

Get muddy here.

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