Sunday 15 April 2012

Infernos - Working Out With the Infernos (1997)

Sunday mornings here at the CCPS tend to be filled with at least a twinge of regret. Sometimes for partying to hard the night before, other times for not partying hard enough. Well, today's tape makes we realize we pretty much never party hard enough compared to some people.

We posted the first Infernos tape almost three years ago to this day, and bassist Dave Anderson recently got in touch with us about the second tape, which he had just been reunited with. Now, you'll notice right away that this tape has a Montreal contact address - at some point, Dave and future Fubar actor Paul Spence moved to Montreal, taking their garage rock antics with them. They picked up a different drummer in Montreal, and carried on, putting out this tape.

So if you, like us (see what we did there? all those business school classes are paying off!), are feeling a bit of regret at not having partied hard enough last night, grab this tape and crank it up.

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