Thursday 5 April 2012

Crying Hope - Crying Hope (1986)

We didn't know this record existed until this past weekend, and we were lucky enough to score a copy more easily than we expected. And, hot damn! What a record!

Of course, we're talking about the band's membership, which provides a link to the Primrods via Ninth Configuration. While there are no last names given, we're pretty sure that's Tom Horvath on guitar and Ben Falconer on bass and vocals.

And the music! The music is pretty, well... eclectic. "Labotomy Rock" is kind of white boy funk, "I Will Survive" has stronger ties to NiCon, and "Small Town Girl" borrows liberally from "Hotel California" and features more whistling than we would have liked.

And... aw, who are we kidding. The cover is pretty excellent. So good, in fact, that we've framed this and put it up on the wall here at the CCPS office, right beside that wicked poster of a Ferrari Testarossa that Gene's been holding on to since junior high.


Anonymous said...

I have this record! It was given to me by Ben Falconer in about '86 or '87 under weird circumstances: I bought a chorus pedal from him through an add in the paper when I was about 15 (still have the pedal).
Funny, played a gig with 9th Configuration with my band Fear of Flight in about '89 at Glenmore hotal, and then with the Primrods (as a Soft Tip) in about '97. Is Ben playing anymore?

-Dan Willock

Mike D said...

The model on the Cover was Ben's girlfriend from the U.K. Fun fact about this band was that a gig poster from a show they did with Beyond Possession in 86 ended up on Kurt Cobain's bedroom. There's a picture of it in SPIN magazine Circa 1994 just after he died.