Saturday 31 March 2012

Forbidden Dimension - Creepsville '99 (1989)

Bookending the Color Me Psycho LP is this second 7" single from Forbidden Dimension, also on Raging Records. Actually, we're not sure that Raging Records did anything beyond FD, Color Me Pyscho and what appears to be their final release, the Enemy Mind Feel single.

Regardless, we're appreciative of this effort - rather than the drum machine action of their first single, this features a full band. This is likely the same configuration that shows up on this 1989 live set, and it's remarkable. "Lucifer Brain" is probably one of our favourite FD tracks. But then, we have about 30 favourite FD tracks. Anyways, here's a great review of the single from VOX:

And, to add to the fun, a really quick promo from the Herald prior to the release of this single:

That first clipping reminds us, we don't acknowledge the contributions of Wes Hegg enough here. But that's for another day. For today, we're going to stay on task.

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