Friday 24 February 2012

Salmon Breath - A Fish Cant Swim Outa Water (1986)

We were somewhat excited to find this tape in Mark Igglesden's basement. Although a recent visitor to the CCPS offices wasn't overly excited to hear this - we had the tape playing in the background, and it caused said visitor to completely lose their train of thought and capacity for speech.

If you took the time to grab their It Came From Canada compilation track, you have a sense as to what to expect from this. This duo clearly didn't take themselves too seriously - or take the time to tune their guitar. It's fun, primitive and... uh... so... ah... yeah... poo... pee...

Dammit, we should have known better than to play the tape while writing this post.

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Anonymous said...

By a random fluke my father mentioned this band tonight and by coincidence we found this brand new post. To add to the randomness his name is in the thank-you list a fact that he forgot over the years!