Monday 27 February 2012

Eye On You - Eye On You

Following up on the two 7" records we've posted, here's another tape from Eye On You. We don't have a year on this, so we can't tell if it's from before, after or in between the singles. If anyone can tell us anything about these guys, we'd appreciate it.

In the absence of any real information about the band, we're going to mock the band photo on the j-card of this tape. We're trying to tell what type of car that is the band is leaning against - we're hoping it's a Trans Am and the band was trying to recreate this classic photo.

But we suspect that's not the case.


Anonymous said...

All I know about this cassette is that I first heard it in my uncle's van. I was listening to the Clash and the Sex Pistols at that time when he put this on. He told me it was a local punk band called Eye On You, and his friend Gary Lamb played in the group. I want to say the year was 1983 or 1984. That was also when they played at 10 Foot Henry's. I later saw them at the Westward Club in the early nineties.

Unknown said...

Great band..used to come through Kenosha, Wisconsin in the mid 80s.looking for thier other stuff too.