Sunday 19 February 2012

Enemy Mind Feel - CJSW Interview, February 20, 1990 (1990)

The lazy sods at Golden Rock continue to slowly churn out Enemy Mind Feel recordings that they’ve held onto for years. (Thanks and apologies, yet again, to Ken Kittlitz.) Today, it’s the band being interviewed by longtime CJSW DJ/promoter/all-round scenester Wes Hegg. (The interview aired February 20, 1990 on Hegg’s weekly CJSW show.)

The beginning of the interview is cut off, so it’s not clear who was present, but we think this all went down after original Forbidden Dimensioner/Raging Records impresario Greg Dinwoodie joined the band to cement its transition from “guitar battalion to guitar army” status. 

In addition to spinning EMF classics like “Misamerica” and “Church of the One Electron” (and some live Westward Club tracks) Hegg extracted the following nuggets from the band:
  • Two founding EMF members were kicked out due to “too much competence.”
  • Certain toddlers enjoy dancing to Enemy Mind Feel songs.
  • When EMF break up, music as we know it will come to an end.
From what we can tell, the band members largely answered Hegg’s questions by reading random passages from textbooks. This led to classic exchanges such as:
Wes Hegg: Are you still cyberpunks?
Killer: The second important precaution is to not dissipate too much power in the device.
Hegg: So you’re not cyberpunks now?
In the immortal words of Killer, “Remember: If you tape a radio programme, you may be infringing the law of performing rights. Cut to the music.”

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