Saturday, 11 February 2012

Cutz - "Space In Time" b/w "Nuclear Hall of Fame" (1980)

We weren't expecting to be able to tell you much about this 45, other than it has been pegged as the first punk/independent release to come out of Calgary. We managed to find these songs via Girls From Tahiti's Obscure Canada Vol. 1 collection.

But our friend Google has pointed us to a Beatroute article on singer-songwriter/current Ex-Boyfriends drummer Lonnie James, which indicates that James was the drummer for the Cutz. Which doesn't give us more info about this band, but it does give us one more tag for this post.

Get these early Cutz here.


Anonymous said...

I believe Cutz started at Henry Wisewood Secondary - I picked this up (along with Silicon Injection's EP with AGRO) on it at a record shop on 8th Avenue.

Somewhere on the web is the story of them opening for Long John Baldry. It did not go well.

Anon said...

Alex at R.O.W. on 8th avenue gave me the final scratched up copy for free (like anyone cares).

They performed on the 8th ave mall once.