Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Color Me Psycho - "Sinister Urge" and "Nocturnal Technology" (1986)

We're falling back down the Color Me Psycho rabbit hole again, thanks to a pile of tapes rescued from behind a huge stack of boxes of WWII German tank models in the basement of Mark Igglesden. 

We're going to refrain from our usual tendency to post everything on this tape and instead just pass along two songs - an early version of Pretend I'm Your Father's "Sinister Urge" and a track that's new to us, "Nocturnal Technology." These two songs were recorded as part of the same session that yielded tracks for the Writing on Stone and It Came From Canada Vol. 4 compilations. And don't worry - the songs on side one are just the same recordings that yielded the band's Kiss Me Then... cassette (Tom Bagley tells us that the date on the cover for side one is wrong - the session was actually February of 1986).

Grab these unreleased tracks here.

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