Friday, 27 January 2012

Vindicators - The Vindicators (1989)

According to the venerable Wikipedia, this 12" was the last release by Montreal's Og Music. We're also told that this was the first album cover that Tom Bagley did for a band that he wasn't in. So, for every ending, there is a new beginning.

Whatever. Here's Golden Rock's transcription of the back cover:

If I Were You (Carlson/Dunn/The Vindicators/PROCAN)
24 Hours Everyday (The Headstones)
Early in the Morning (Carlson/The Vindicators/PROCAN)

I'm Gone (The Magic Mushrooms)
No Worries (Carlson/The Vindicators/PROCAN)
Searching For My Baby (The Haunted)

Chris Carlson—Vocals, Guitar
Bryce Dunn—Drums
Daaren Boreham—Guitar, Vocals
Colin Forsyth—Organ, Guitar, Vocals
Dave Mariacci—Bass

Gerry Timmins—Drums on "Searching"

Produced & Engineered by Shane Connelly at Inear Sounds, Calgary

Thanks to: Val, Ben, Brent, Glenn, Paul, Kent, Nardwuar, Soul Shack, What Wave, TomB, Mr. & Mrs. C. Roli

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