Wednesday 18 January 2012

Forbidden Dimension - Promotion Factory (1990)

Yesterday, we featured Bagley with Cooper on the side. Today, we've got Bagley with Cooper behind the board! Or something.

This is a big-sounding set of basement demos that Cooper recorded with Tom around the time of Mars is Heaven. But what freaks us out - and we don't freak out that easily, despite what the guys at Golden Rock may say - is the full-band treatment of songs from the same era. Although, it kind of does sound like Igglesden is doing his best drum machine impression on much of this.

This set pulls nicely from Tom's early material (he pointed out that he's now spent over half of his life in FD, which he may/may not appreciate us sharing with you). This really sounds terrific, with meaty-sounding guitars and drums. And the right amount of effects on Tom's voice to make his sound extra demented.

A potential improvement on his usual, somewhat demented-sounding voice. Potentially.

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