Monday 16 January 2012

Forbidden Dimension - CBC Session (1994)

We're going to skip back to some new tape content, and give you a break from the Golden Rock reposts for a bit. But we're not going to relent with our obsessions over Tom Bagley!

Tom was good enough to invite us into his lair last month, and gave us a few things that we hadn't heard before. The first is this, a session that he and his ghoulish companions recorded for the sadly-departed Brave New Waves, shortly after the release of their first Cargo cassette.

What's amazing about this is hearing the full-band treatment of one of our absolute favourite FD tracks, "White Line Reaper," as well as Tom taking on one of his all-time favourite tracks, Blue Oyster Cult's "This Ain't the Summer of Love." There's also a previously-unreleased instrumental, "Say You Love Santa." If we'd had our crap together, we would have posted this prior to the holiday season. But, sufficient to say we did not have our crap together.

This tape also has us pondering the other Calgary bands that did sessions for the CBC. We know Huevos Rancheros did a set around this time as well - who else? If anyone out there has tapes of any other Brave New Waves sessions, we'd love to hear them.

Just like we're sure you'll love to hear this.

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Paul Spence said...

It's even better listened to in a shack off of route 629. Awesome guys, thanks for this!