Monday 23 January 2012

Enemy Mind Feel - Wintermute (1988)

Yesterday's Enemy Mind Feel post seems to have roused the sleeping giant that is Golden Rock, and prompted them to post a tape that they've been using as a pillow for the last two years. Yep, turns out Ken Kittlitz sent them this tape years ago, and they've just remembered it. Their sloth is our gain, perhaps? 'Cuz now this is a CCPS post, rather than a Golden Rock post. That's the way hostile takeovers go!

This was released on cassette with customized j-card artwork (two samples above). No drums on this, which makes the version of "Church of the One Electron" on here no less compelling that that on their 7" single. Speaking of compelling, check out the liner notes:
Enemy Mind Feel is Calgary's first "cyberpunk" band. They live the "cyberpunk" lifestyle: anarchistic computer geeks by day, rock gods by night. Their twisted brand of noise/punk/no-wave rock makes even the most seasoned listener cringe with delight. The band members believe that Armageddon will come in a blast of feedback.
Enemy Mind Feel has been together for 9 months, and has placed select live dates in Calgary. The first performance occurred after the band had been together for only a week. As a means of developing new material, they regularly do improvisation performances in the studio, during gigs, and on live campus radio.
Thanks to Ken Kittlitz for sending this to Golden Rock. Next time, though, skip the middle man!

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