Wednesday 14 December 2011

Various - Cam's Lost Compilation

After posting a lost compilation from Ian Doig a few weeks back, Cam Hayden got in touch with us and offered a half-finished, half-assed compilation of his own.

To be fair, Cam can't take the blame for this. Or so he claims. His story - which we're inclined to believe, for no reason other than we're a bit soft-headed sometimes - is that at some point in the late 1990s, some un-named party hit him up to help with releasing this compilation, and basically dumped the tracks they assembled in his lap and expected the compilation to magically appear without any form of cash being applied.

Well, thanks to the marvels of the interweb and the ability for any idiot (or, in this case, collection of idiots) with a blog to upload a file and make it available for download (with no cash being applied), we're now able to bring this compilation into your eagerly-awaiting eardrums. Except that most of the best tracks on here have already been heard.

What is kind of cool and new (to us) on here is a band called Hung Solo, which Cam tells us is a young Adam Kamis. Then there are the two tracks from the original Hot Little Rocket demo, some Rayovaq (we don't think we've every really confessed how much we loved that band - so here it is: we really loved that band), a pair of tracks from Nine Miles to Morgan's tape, a pair of Massive Ferguson tracks that we mistook for Cripple Creek Fairies tracks at first, a version of National Dust's excellent "California" (not the version from their exceptional second CD) and, well, Upshot.

What, you don't remember Upshot? Don't tell us you didn't love their amazing combination of rap, metal and... Dammit, we can't even bring ourselves to mock them.

Which makes this post just about as half-assed as today's featured compilation.


loloteach said...
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loloteach said...

Cam can blame me for that. I still have all the "demos" people sent me in my parent's home in Cowtown.