Friday 11 November 2011

Suburban Slag - Demo

This is a tape we put a call out for a while ago, and we received it last month from an unexpected source - fellow blogmeisters Girls From Tahiti. The proprietor of said blog had received a CDR with these tracks along with another Calgary band (whose tracks we'll post shortly) - and got in touch with us for more info.

Well, we don't know too much about Suburban Slag other than they included Jeff Burns on guitar, Doug Bolland on bass and future DOA/Subhumans/Personality Crisis/SNFU/who knows who else drummer Jon Card. Who's on vocals? We don't know. This demo is from either 1980 or 1981, and is a great slice of early 80's punk. There's a bit more info this weird French blog, but most of it is actually mis-information.

Which, again, is what we at the CCPS usually strive to provide.

Edit: thanks to our favourite Punk Rock Librarian for filling us in on the vocalist! It was apparently Jim Hanlon

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potsie said...

the recondite Jim Hanlon on vocals