Wednesday 30 November 2011

Passion Scars - True Passion Leaves Scars (1992)

If we didn't know better, and if this tape had found its way into our hands without a label, we'd swear this is another Funeral Factory recording. It has all the hallmarks of that band - but we know from other posts here that around this time, Funeral Factory were more interested in being the Cult than making etherial pop.So what is this? The label on the tape tells us it's a Mike Bezzeg-production - was he trying to create another Funeral Factory? There's a phone number of the tape, maybe we should call it and see if whoever answers can tell us more.Maybe after taking a listen, someone out there can fill in the gaps here?


Unknown said...

Passion Scars was a side project involving Religion Darc from The Funeral Factory, and their manager Mike Bezzeg.
Mike wrote the lyrics and Religion Darc wrote all the melodies and music, as well as he played all the guitar tracks.
Bass guitar tracks were provided by Jim Cote and Rodger Sallans.
Mandolin track on the song 'Bridges' played by Juno award winner Dave Wilke
Piano tracks by Jimmy Carver
Drum tracks by Barry Calnan.
I hope this helps clear up some mystery on this unique project.
Yours truly, Greg Kucheran aka: Religion Darc.

Gene Poole said...

Wow! Thanks for the backstory, Greg! I appreciate you stopping by the blog!