Monday 21 November 2011

Bob Keelaghan - Live at Paul and Dawn's (1995)

We've had an interesting past week of re-aquainting ourselves with 4-track recorders. A ways back, Dawn Loucks gave us a pile of tapes, and among them were a bunch that had been recorded to 4-track. Thanks now to Paul Poutannen, we have the original machine these were recorded on, and will be presenting the highlights from some of those tapes.

We're going to start - since we just had a Bob posting - with another Bob. The one who we've only recently become comfortable conversing with. Bob Keelaghan is a pretty amazing guy, and we've long been fans of his work - which is why this recording of a too-short solo performance from a show in Paul and Dawn's basement is so special. Part poetry, part guitar godliness, all "what the hell is he doing?" Sadly, there's a drop out in the middle of the sing-along "Guano."

Since this performance is so short, we're going to point you to a few more Keelaghan-related goodies. First, Bob appears to have a youtube channel for his Spam Avenger project. Here's the great track he did for the much-overlooked Stompin' Tom tribute that Saved By Radio but together about ten years ago:

In among the tapes we're sorting through, we also found a promo for... maybe a radio show that Bob used to do? We can't remember what it was from, but we swear we've heard it before (and, yes, we know the original source).

But you came here to hear Bob Keelaghan play guitar, and like the bastards we are, we've made you wait all the way down to this very, very, very last word of the post.


Tara Lee W said...

I seem to recall Bob using the "We're Scared of Bob" thing as a sometimes intro for his wonderful radio program Bob Anonymous, which I believe aired on CJSW on Saturday nights at midnight, back in the early 1990s.

God bless Bob Anonymous. Somewhere in my boxes of nostalgia I still have his campaign poster from when he ran for U of C student union president. Slogan: MORE KELP!

Gene Poole said...

AH! We forgot that Bob ran for the SU. Remember James Martin's campaign: Destination Zero Votes!