Saturday, 22 October 2011

Wet Pinky Swears - Dripping Wrists of Girlschool Promises (2011)

We're big fans of local Garage Rock revivalists (wait, Garage Rock never died, it just drank itself into a coma!) the Gooeys, so we're pleased to have in our possession a tape from their demented side project, the Wet Pinky Swears. From what we remember, this is front guy Craig Storm, drummer Darrell Hartsook and someone else on bass. These are short blasts of garage noise that provide a, well, sharp contrast to the bubblegum of the Gooeys. The band has (perhaps in error?) made mp3s of this available for free via bandcamp. We should caution you, since it's Saturday morning - this isn't exactly good music for if you have a hangover. We found this out the hard way.


Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for posting this. Their bassist is Ivo or Evo? something. This band has been around before the gooeys, since 2009. They have 2 other cassettes available and also a 7" in the works. I don't know if they are still playing shows? I saw them this past summer and they ROCK! so SICK!
Do you have the other 2 cassettes? Thanks.

- Andrea

Anonymous said...

the band is SHIT!!!
we played with them at crack alley!
they took our take of the door AND stole our bassist's amp!
if you know where they are leave a comment!!!


Anonymous said...

reason#2037 that the calgary scene blows

Anonymous said...

i call this musik