Saturday 29 October 2011

Beyond Possession - Demo (1989)

As promised, here's the second Beyond Possession demo tape we liberated. These four songs were apparently recorded during the band's final days. 
We're a bit fuzzy on the band's membership at this point - we think John Hiebert had gone on to form Never a Dull Moment... maybe? What we do know is that this band was hugely influential on a lot of other bands (and skaters) in this city and beyond. Heck, we even saw someone in a (somewhat tattered) Beyond Possession t-shirt this past summer.The four tracks on this final demo are also included on the Repossessed compilation CD, but we offer them here as they were originally intended


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Thanks, this is one of the best releases I ever heard! This would have been huge like C.O.C. if released on vinyl back then.

If All the college radio dj's playing crossover/hardcore heard it, I bet it they would have pushed it.

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Byond Possession - Demo (1989

1. Beyond Possession - Freedom Dreamer (3:40)
2. Beyond Possession - Why Can't You See (3:45)
3. Beyond Possession - Reappearing Images (5:59)
4. Beyond Possession - Of Sands and Sails (4:13)