Monday 26 September 2011

Coughin' Nails - A Bad Case of Nerves (1988)

We were super happy when the defunct-like-a-certain-recently-fallen-to-earth-satellite Golden Rock forwarded us an email last week. Bob Firmston - brother of Bill E. Stew - was offering up a copy of his band's tape, which Golden Rock had been searching for. Bob's request was simple: help him convert the tape so his son could hear it. We're always happy to oblige in these situations.

While we're big fans of Bill's work, Bob's own band is nothing to sneeze at - this is more garage rock goodness, which Bob tells us was so powerful it almost got them a show in Regina. Most notable in the band is Case Caulfield, who was also doing time with Big Bang Theory at the time. 

There's also a live show from the Coughin' Nails over at Golden Rock, and we've just refreshed the link

CCPS: We digitize so you don't have to.

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KneeJerk said...

Bob is being modest. V.D was #1 AT CJTR FM, the University of Regina Radio satation. OUr 4 song cassette had multiple top 10 songs on multiple Campus Radios Stations. We sent 25 out with I an Chiclo to a conference and Every song on the Cassette charted somewhere. From Victoria to Moncton. 2 or 3 songs would chart in the same city and area, but, since communication was long distance telephone...we missed a huge boat by not seeking out our charting locations and touring them.If we knew then what we know now.