Sunday 25 September 2011

CCPS Miscellany: VOX 1984

Here's a second round of VOXes for you. This is the last full year of the magazine that we have in our collection - funny how after 1984, it all goes to hell for us.

Highlights from these issues include articles on The Ripchords (January), The Nex'd (Feb/March), The Now Feeling (March), Walt Ohama (May), the end of Mike Bezzeg's FM Moving Pictures (June), Greg Kushner reviewing the Golden Calgarians' Savage Love (November), and Don McSwiney's glorious December cover illustration.


mrmur said...

My highlight is the oct. heavy metal defence by Will Pontes soon to be of
The Bad Housekeeping.

Anonymous said...

mrmur, I was going to make the exact comment. Beat me to it.

Dudley Morris said...

I have a few issues left from circa 1986-88 stashed in my parents' basement back in Lethbridge. I'm in Ottawa now but next time I'm back will have to dig around and see if I've got anything worth sharing.

One funny thing about Vox was they had some of the most blatant cases of record reviews where the reviewer clearly hadn't listened to the record, or had only skimmed a couple of tracks. Perhaps the funniest example was a review of NoMeansNo's "Sex Mad" that dismissed the whole album as an exercise in childish hardcore punk, when there's only one song that's vaguely hardcore on the whole album.