Thursday 18 August 2011

Shiver - Shiver

To be honest, we didn't know what to expect when we popped this tape into the CCPS Digitimization-Machine. We had actually heard more disdain for this band than we'd actually heard their music. It's kind of easy to see why - their various interviews still scattered around the interweb show a pretty significant amount of ego.

And makeup. We're not sure what year this tape was made, but the above article is from 1998, and we're fairly certain that this was not okay by the standards of the day. Maybe it was lead singer Matthew Currie's way of easing into the acting career he eventually became known for. We're a bit surprised, as Jon Pynn and Joel Tobman went on to a stint as the rhythm section for the quite excellent (and mascara-less) Heat-Ray.

Once you've done your makeup as above, you can grab this three-song tape here. But only after you've done your makeup.


Anonymous said...

I remember defacing their flyers to read "Shitter". One of the "musical" highlights of the late 1990s for me.

Matthew Currie Holmes said...

That was YOU Anonymous? I gotta be honest I expected a little more from you. I hope you've grown into a better man, than that.

I'm sorry our music offended you to the point of vandalism, I wonder what my new stuff will make you do? Jesus, for the safety of others I'll just keep it to my self.

Thanks for this... It brought back many great memories. I loved playing in the Calgary music scene, even we weren't as navel gazing as most of the 'don't like us too much or we'll re-form into a side project' bands that seemed to populate my old stomping ground.

Calgary is an interesting city. I have made friends with and maintain friendships with some of the coolest fucking people I will ever know. We're all mom's and dad's, husbands and wives now but back in the day... man that was a time.

Anyway, I can't believe you found this, digitized it and even better RELEASED it. I'm sorry if we didn't leave a bigger, more impressive, less narcissistic impression on you. I can assure you, we're decent human beings :)

Thanks for this.

Former SHiVER Front Man

Anonymous said...

I thought that Currie fella was better pre-make-up when he was busking with Bruce and Rich on Stephen Ave and Eau Claire. Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure this was recorded in '97 in my basement on 8-track reel to reel.

-Former Soft Tips front man

Anonymous said...

It was only right they had big egos because SHiVER was THE best band EVER!! I don’t care what anyone says otherwise.
I was a teen going to the all ages shows at Republik! Such amazing times that I’m still thinking about it now!!!...two decades later!! :)