Tuesday 9 August 2011

In Memoriam: Colin Allin

We received some sad news at the end of July, when we heard that Skin Barn's Colin Allin had been senselessly killed in Nicaragua. We had emailed with Colin over the past couple of years, and are still saddened by this tragedy.

So it's no surprise that those who really knew Colin (and can actually spell his name - for whatever reason, our dirt-cheap Lithuanian transcription service had recorded his name as "Collin Allen," which Colin himself found funny and had asked that we keep - but since we heard the news about his passing, we've reverted to the proper spelling) have been even more shocked, and have been recounting memories and stories in tribute on the Colin Allin Memorial Page, with stories from Colin's former bandmates and others.

Last night, four of Colin's former bandmates - Brent Gough, Craig Taborsky, Chris 'Lou' Lowry and Irv Francis - joined CJSW's The Spin Evolution to share some of their stories and spin some of Colin's music. Things got a bit crazy in the CCPS offices when we discovered that our usual method of tuning into CJSW (through the inter web) wasn't going to work (memo to Jett Thunders: spandex is okay, but playing with your servers when we're hoping to listen in isn't). We managed to find a radio of sorts, but it turns out the subterranean concrete bunker we dwell in doesn't yield the best reception. Still, we managed to wrangle a recording of passable quality for you to enjoy. There's a lot of laughter, amazing stories and memorable tunes.

Grab the tribute show here and join us in raising a glass in Colin Allin's memory.


Unknown said...

I was very shocked, really liked the guy,now I am not sure why I am doing this now, but Colin Allin popped in my head. It was hard to see his face in the news for such an awful...I loved each chance

Unknown said...

We both attended a show at the Republic, the dwarves, played a 15 min set, cleared the joint, shortly thereafter Colin and I are at the pub, he walked in saw me and sat down...furious, turned a bit red, yet fuming,