Saturday 13 August 2011

Red Autumn Fall - My Friend Deceiver (1994)

When donor John Drinkwater handed us this tape, we thought it was one we already had. The cover art on this tape is nearly identical to that of a tape we - of all things - bought on ebay last year. However, this tape has a slightly different cover (an image very similar to the one on their first CD) and a mostly different track listing.

Until chatting with John, we forgot that sometime in the late 90's, Red Autumn Fall decided to move to Toronto to try to make it big. This led to a bit of a challenge: name a Calgary band that established itself here and then moved to Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver/Wherever and made it big. We couldn't come up with anyone - other than maybe Sara and Teegan (shudder).

Here's a Red Autumn Fall video, just because our new Marketing Consultants keep saying, "the kids like the media-rich posts, like the Facebook and the Tweetter and the Youtube."


Anonymous said...

I've wanted the 'good version' of My Friend Deceiver for a long time. Thanks so much!

Steve said...

Thanks for making this available. I don't know if its me, but for some reason when I listen to this version of My Friend Deceiver it sounds different than the way I remember it on the album Charmer. I unfortunately can't check, I misplaced my Charmer album ages ago. Would it be possible to post that album to reference??? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wild to see stuff on RAF again. Was close to them back in the day-designed this cover art and others for a few years. I have the Charmer LP and MFD was a diff mix than originally on the short 2song cassette-they are missed greatly!

Anonymous said...

I was actually in the recording studio just off 58 ave and Centre street Calgary in 1991/1992 filming parts of their sessions for a feature my producer classmate (David Macleod) did on them for a SAIT Broadcast Television course project. I STILL have the final broadcast tape of those sessions and one thing I remember was how GOOD they actually
were! They were only ONE good producer/marketer away from SUPERSTARDOM.

They had/have the music, just not a
Bob Rock or Bruce Allen to help them
out into megastardom!

Unknown said...

Dave Macleod !!! check this out yer sait video...the hip is all done .we need a new canadian band...please...