Thursday, 11 August 2011

Red Autumn Fall - Fall of Falls EP (1991)

Just when we thought we had a complete Red Autumn Fall collection, we received an email from John Drinkwater (the dollars, but not the ego, behind the Oooh, I'm So Pretty complilation) offering us a pile of great tapes - and this one.

We didn't realize that RAF ever existed without guitarist Rich Ragany or bassist Jackie Duncan. This tape was recorded live off the floor with this early lineup, and shows us that Simeon Ross at least didn't change too much over RAF's existence.

Except for one thing: John tells us that, in this early line-up, Simeon rapped during one song. While we're pleased that Simeon realized this probably wasn't the best way to be taken seriously in the early 90's Calgary music scene, we are still exceedingly curious and would kill (on a small, insect-sized scale) for a copy of the video that John claims exists of this performance. Simeon, we suspect, would kill (on a large, CCPS staff-sized scale) to ensure the same video is never seen.

Sadly for us, there's not trace of his rap abilities on this tape.

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