Saturday 16 July 2011

Grown-Ups - Stopped Caring (2011)

We caught wind of this tape back in the spring, but operations in the CCPS offices have been a bit of a shambles this summer (we've gone through about four summer students already - no one seems to appreciate our deftly-crafted corporate culture, which is soon to be featured on Hoarders), so it's taken us a while to actually get a copy in hand.

We're somewhat glad we have - we're fans of the Grown-Ups' snotty and flippant brand of what the kids call punk rock these days. For the limited tape release of their limited vinyl release of their unlimited digital release, they've thrown in a few covers - including a nice swipe at Beat Happening's "Hey Day." Plus, instead the a hand-silskscreened (yawn) cover their record, they've got a machine-photocopied (yeah!) picture of Woody Allen. None of this recycling the CD/vinyl art for the tape business here!

We suggest you grab this from the Grown-Ups' bandcamp site, if you're so inclined.

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