Wednesday 8 June 2011

Sara and Tegan - Yellow Demo (1998)

We've been delving fairly deep into the rock for the past while, so it's time to come up for air. And to expose ourselves (?) to legal action (!).

A few weeks ago, an anonymous tipster (not to be confused with an anonymous hipster - this one drinks far better beer than that PBR shite) dropped this in our laps. This is, by all accounts, one of the first recordings of the twin sisters that would go on to be known as Tegan and Sara (wikipedia says they recorded two demos as Plunk, not to be confused with Smoosh). We count ourselves among the folks who actually saw the sisters Quin when they were called Sara and Tegan (also the name they recorded this tape under), before they were corrupted by the same Music Industry that killed the Primrods (it's been a while since we mentioned the Primrods - our editor has suggested that we drop an unnecessary reference in this post, so here you go).

We spent a bit of time on Ye Olde Google, and found this great recounting of an important part of the Sara and Tegan myth: How Two Unknown Girls Charmed the Judges at Garage Warz and Went on to Stardom. Now, we really were at Max's Cafe (cheering on another competing band, Teens for Decency, the Four Unknown Boys Who Didn't Fare So Well in Garage Warz in Fact Came in Dead Las), and we don't quite remember much other than the place being mostly empty and the judges being more than slightly inebriated. Anyways, Sara and Tegan won the overall competition - the grand prize being studio time which they used to record this tape.

To be honest, we haven't listened to this too closely. We've listened to a few snippets here and there, and we can confirm that - just as they did 14 years ago - they get the bile rising in our throats.

The Yellow bile, that is.

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Anonymous said...

Consider selling this if you can part with it, even the "Feet Like Ours" CD goes for mega-bank.