Sunday 26 June 2011

Forbidden Dimension - Live at the Westward Club (1989)

Hypno-Vision '89

We're marking a milestone today - it was four years ago today that Gene Poole taught the band to play, had a few too many drinks and then went home and formed the Calgary Cassette Preservation Society. Gene wishes to pass along his sincerest thanks to all of you who have passed us tapes, shared your stories and - most importantly - not served us with cease and desist orders. For that especially, all of us at the CCPS whose livelihoods now depend on the significant revenue generated by this blog and its affiliated endeavours say "thank/screw you."

To show our thanks/screws, we're going to share another tape from the collection of Chris Zuk. Chris tells us he dubbed this off of record-huckster Tiemen Kuipers, who in turn got it from someone... maybe Tom himself? Who knows. All we know is that this is solid gold - this is early, early FD, pulling mostly from the band's first two singles. Tom is backed by a full band here (no drum machine!), and if we didn't know better (which we don't) we'd say this is the same damn lineup he's playing with today, only playing the songs of yesterday. Tomorrow. Sorry, we've got a bit of Sled Head, we're not sure what day it is anymore.

We're also not sure of the exact date of this show, so we're going to pretend it's the one in the ad above, which Tom has posted in his amazing archive of posters. What we are sure of is that the audio quality and performance on here is excellent and so is the song selection. All our early faves are on here, including "Meteor Girl," "Crawling Eye" and "Martian Death Sausage."

Speaking of which, we gotta hit Tubby Dog before they close! Grab this anniversary present to you and party like it's 1989!


toposheet said...

i saw them i think that year with Superconductor at the Westwood. It was Hallowe'en and i was on a cross-country drive with friends. What luck. FD ruled.

Talk's Cheap said...

Yeah...Chris dubbed this off me...and I did get it from Tom back in the first half of the 90's when he when he was taking the time to send al the FD demos and live tracks he could dig copy of the tape is showing it's age...thanks for posting!