Monday, 6 June 2011

Forbidden Dimension - Gloria was Evil/Coffinful of Crows

We're the happiest kids on the block right now - today we snagged a copy of the limited edition Forbidden Dimension flexidisc that's tucked inside random issues of Beatroute this month. This little piece of plastic represents the first FD recording in four long years, and is a really great little taster of their upcoming full-length.

Now, flexidiscs are cool and all, but we here at the CCPS are most interested in tapes. So we're going to make an awkward segueway here and talk about Graham Evans' post-Huevos life. Ev played his last show with Huevos at the end of 1995 for undisclosed reasons (to be honest, we've just never asked). You can't keep a good man from his guitar/bass/whatever, and so Ev was soon resurrected as Bloody Holly with Forbidden Dimension (Ev would also go on to play with FD skinman Paul Charlton in the Daggers... but then, didn't everyone?).

Forbidden Dimension - Exclaim Apr. '97

These two tracks, from another of the tapes Ev passed us, are likely from about the time of FD's Widow's Walk CD (ie 1997). "Coffinful of Crows" shows up in its drum machine form on the, um, Coffinful of Crows compilation. And we've heard a more anemic transfer of this same full band version on that weird mix tape we posted a while back. But the a-side (we like to think these two tracks were destined for an ill-fated 7" single) is new to us - we don't seem to have this anywhere in the extensive CCPS collection.

Anyways, more FD is always welcome around these parts - grab the download to hold you over until the Golden Age of Lasers comes out.

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Talk's Cheap said...

Your suspicions about these tracks being slated for an ill-fated 7 incher are correct. Back in around '96 or '97 I was gonna do an FD 7". I picked my two fave tracks from drum machine demos Tom had sent me, and he sent me full band treatments of the tunes. I loved the drum machine versions of the tracks and was kinda thrown by the full band versions, cause they were so different. I still intended to put out the record...but life got in the way...moved to Calgary, ended up broke for a while...and the record never came out. About 5 years ago I wanted to do a limited lathe cut record of those two songs...still love to see that happen at some point.