Wednesday 29 June 2011

Jeff Conolly and the Von Zippers - Live at the Boat and Trailer Show (1997)

Everything was going well for us on Sunday night. Gene was in really good spirits, drinking lots of spirits to celebrate our fourth anniversary. To top things off, we were all enjoying a brand new tape from Chris Zuk - a somewhat rough but perfectly listenable recording of the legendary Jeff Conolly set from the 1997 Boat and Trailer Show, with the Von Zippers backing up the famous Lyres frontman (billed as Man or Monoman?).

Yep, things were going really well until our summer intern piped up with a little tidbit he found on the interweb.

"Did you know Jeff Conolly doesn't think much of the Von Zippers?"

A couple of us guffawed, but the withering glare from Gene immediately silenced the CCPS office.

"What did you say?"

"Yep, straight from the man himself! It says right here: 'I LIKED THEM AS PEOPLE BUT THEY DIDN'T REALLY KNOW HOW TO PLAY LYRES STUFF LIKE THEY SAID THEY DID, UNFORTUNATELY.' Wow, that's really weird!"

We've only JUST finished restoring the CCPS offices to their former state after what came next. Suffice to say, Gene didn't take too kindly to that news. After chasing our intern from the offices (actually, from the city - we'd like to apologize to our former intern, wherever he is now), Gene went on a two-day rampage, vowing to rid the city of any and all Lyres records. Thankfully, Gene turned this into a sort of pub crawl, and ended up a bit too drunk to remember exactly where in the alphabet the Lyres were placed, and so was unable to find any records in Calgary's leading retailers (we also had to break it to Gene that the Music World downtown across from the Bay is closed now - Gene's still a bit confused by the whole Fashion Central thing, though).

We've been trying to get Gene to listen to this bootleg all day - he's still refusing, and doesn't even care to find out if "Help You Ann" is on the playlist (we haven't found out either - Gene has threatened us all with bodily harm should we play this in the office).

Grab this now before Gene catches on to the fact that we've posted it!

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