Thursday, 2 June 2011

Arktik Power - Live at the Westward Club, August 24 1989 (1989)

Astute readers will have noted that yesterday's post partly gave away today's with the cover art. Yes, this Arktik Power tape has a different show on each side. And this is the other show. BUT did you expect that it would be a markedly different BAND!?!?

Something shifted between April and August 1989, with Bill E. Stew bowing out, and - of all people - Kamil Krulis taking over lead vocal duties. And a different drummer, but that's not nearly the difference Kamil makes. Yep, way more front than we can handle. Gone are Bill's semi-coherent ramblings, replaced by Kamil's Mark E. Smith-insprired antagonism. A very different feel to the songs thanks to the difference in vocal stylings, but it still works.

In its own way, that is.


Anonymous said...

I lived in calgary in 1996 and seen a punk band at a bar down on a street maybe called 17th Ave. S.W.,about a 20 or 30 minute walk from downtown,and the C-train, or C-rail ? forgot what it was called, it was like a streetcar .
it was a cool bar for alt and punk bands.
I thought the band was a local band, forgot the name, but keep thinking the were called The Evaporatorsd, or The Inhalers, and had a really good song called "Royce Gracie"..any idea if you know who I am thinking of? and if they had any recordings? Especially that song?

your link is here by the way

Anonymous said...

I've got a feeling this was some Kamil band...the Betrayers, maybe?