Monday, 23 May 2011

Pavonine - Pavonine (1997)

Big thanks to Jeff Neily for passing along a tape we've been after for quite a while. Pavonine are one of those shortly-lived, much-heralded bands that we'd actually never heard/seen. There's no date on this tape, but we think it's from 1996 or 1997, shortly after Fire Engine Red and Placebo had called it quits.

Update: we got confirmation that it's from early '97 - and we also found the article below from the January 1997 issue of VOX. Apparently, this tape was release in super-limited quantities - like about 20.

We're big fans of Brooker Buckingham's guitar work (we remember an amazingly poorly-mixed Fire Engine Red show at Dinny's Den, where we think Brooker was making sweet guitar god love to his Fender, but we actually couldn't hear a single note), so this is a real treat to finally hear. Brooker's guitar break on "Lester Bangs" alone makes the wait worth it. Not to say that Elescia Eisler's contributions are any lesser - her Yo La Tengo-esque "Seiche" is candy.

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Aaron Booth said...

Ah, Pavonine. Short and sweet it was. After seeing Pavonine at the Night Gallery in early 1997, I joined the band on guitar. It was after this tape was released. We rehearsed in the back of Sloth Records for a couple of months in anticipation of playing summer shows and more recording. But between songs and after our jams each night, Brooker would break into long, epic (and really good) blues rock guitar solos like a man possessed, which mystified us at the time but soon made sense when he disbanded Pavonine and started his next band, The Blues Jihad. I recall a conversation one summer eve on the Ship patio with Elescia (maybe?) where she said that the singer from The Rentals had seen Pavonine and told her "you guys are now one of my favourite bands".