Sunday 29 May 2011

Jessies - Thur Aug 11th (1988)

Graham Evans has passed along a pile of tapes from his pre-Huevos Rancheros days to help untangle the enigma that is Ev. Well, maybe not, but they're still a pretty fun listen.

We'll start with the Jessies, which features human metronome Jay Kreway on drums, propelling this four-piece through a Thursday night set (at the Westward Club, we assume). Ev is playing bass on here, while Rob Bolio plays guitar and Simon Carr sings and plays another guitar. This has a lot more in common with Ninth Configuration than Huevos, more skatepark than garage.

We stole the above photo from a myspace that appears to be for these Jessies. We were trying to get our heads around the picture of the guy in the batman shirt - from what we understood, that should have been Ev. But, as with all stories, this one has a twist - Ev left the band at some point, and was replaced by none other than Irv Francis.

We've also included a practice session - which includes a helpful tip on playing songs: faster is always better.

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