Thursday 7 April 2011

Marsha - R-Tape (1995)

We stumbled on this tape in Recordland a few weeks ago, and were kind of excited to find it. Mostly because at this point finding anything new or interesting in Recordland is pretty much impossible. But here we have a second tape from Marsha.

From the liner notes, this looks like it was recorded in a weekend, and is a testament to what a trio of guys with bedroom pop sensibilities can do in the studio. This is kind of like a juvenile, prairie Pet Sounds - we're not sure what we mean by that, so if you can help us understand ourselves, we certainly welcome the help.


Anonymous said...

This one was recorded across the street from "I've Got a Brain", in the house belonging to Lilian Valentine (same family as Valentine Volvo!!) by Daryl Gates. Recorded on ADAT digital technology. We basically camped out here for a few days (as suspected), drank a little, and tripped out a lot. Daryl had gone to recording school and had done part of a degree in astrophysics, so this one sounds better than most home recordings of the era, except for the inevitable harshness of ADAT. There are six proper songs and four interlude ditties that we created on the spot. (Hurray for multitracks!). In the end, the interludes might stand up better than the songs. Again this was a situation where we didn't really have a complete band, so everyone pitched in where we could, but mainly it was:
Kelly Colborne: lead vocals and guitar
Matt Colborne: bass
Arran Fisher: drums
Music was written mainly by Arran and Kelly, lyrics and melody by Kelly.

Arran Fisher

Anonymous said...

"Marsha", not "Marhsa"