Saturday 12 March 2011

Stelazine - Stelazine (1989)

Big thanks to our favourite punk rock librarian, Geoff Owens, for passing us this tape last night at Broken City (incidentally, thanks also to whoever played the Primrods' "Bullet Proof Vest" through the PA - much, much appreciated, sir/madam).

Back in the day, Geoff was host of the Ben and Benny Show on CJSW, and the good folks from Stelazine stopped by one night and dropped off this two track tape. Geoff can't remember who was in the band, and we can't seem to find anything about these guys on the interwebs. All we know if this is crossover thrash metal in much the same vein as Ninth Configuration and White Noise.

Update: big thanks to Steve Elaschuk for tipping us to the band membership. It sounds like this was an early incarnation of Skin Barn. Either that or Steve's making shit up again. Which is our job, dammit.


Anonymous said...

Ninth Configuration was "crossover thrash"? First time I have heard them described that way.

Anonymous said...

yup, stelazine ; dave, irv, lou, collin. probably a year or two earlier than .89.
later became "big deal" without dave and with jason franklin on vocals. then later, just collin lou and irv as skin barn. I have a 6 tracks of stelazine on cassette but no way to digitize it... eventually...

Anonymous said...

Chris Dann from Six Feet Under played bass in Stelazine.