Sunday 9 January 2011

Ohama - Midnite News (1982)

We were perusing the newest 'Trout last night, reading about the very talented synth guru Tona Walt Ohama, and his new CD. This sort of thing, especially on cold days like this, leads to a lot of wasted time on the interwebs, first on youtube, then on other blogs and finally in the iTunes store.

It's that last stop that tipped us to the existence of this tape. It looks like Ohama has made his entire back catalogue available via iTunes, so we scooped up this tape. A bit of sleuthing/wasting even more time on the interweb tells us this was his second tape, and not released in 2010 as iTunes would have us believe.

Last summer, our pal Greg Kushner sent us a bunch of non-tapes, among which was Ohama's excellent Julie is a TV Set 7". Since we're not posting the content of today's tape (since it's available for purchase), here's a taste of the b-side of the vinyl:

Get Midnite News via iTunes.

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